Is Wind Energy Cost Effective For Homeowners Or Businesses

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Individuals may ask is wind energy cost effective? Alternative power sources are more environmentally friendly. However, many alternative sources of power involve costly installation. New technologies often cost more because they do not involve mass production.

Is Wind Energy Cost Effective-Wind Is Readily Available

Wind is readily available. It is created due to the variations in the earth’s landscape and the different temperatures produced. It is harnessing the alternative energy source that becomes a challenge. The sight of tall windmills across the landscape is becoming increasingly frequent around the globe. The windmill is used to turn wind into electric power.

To answer the question, is wind energy cost effective, one must consider our current situation. The cost of window generated electricity has been reduced significantly over the past few decades. Utility companies and corporations can produce electricity from wind as low as five cents per kilowatt hour. Current rates for electricity range from 8 cents to 12 cents per kilowatt hour. To achieve this the companies must develop elaborate systems and make use of several wind generators to produce needed electricity. It is unlikely a homeowner or private business will be able to achieve such results.

Is Wind Energy Cost Effective For The Average Consumer?

Utility companies and developers install elaborate systems to harness energy from the wind and turn it into electric power. The reduced cost of using the technology can help utility companies offer lower rates to consumers. However, the initial investment in this alternative energy source may be seen as a capital improvement and the cost for development may also be passed on to consumers. For large systems, the cost of development can pay for itself in as little as 5 or 6 years.

For the average business or homeowner, there are many variables to consider when asking “is wind energy cost effective”. The initial installation is expensive and often will not yield the results the makers of the machines claim they can. Size of the blades, the turbine itself, and location all have an effect on performance. A costly system to install may not produce the results wanted.

When asking is wind energy cost effective, homeowners and businesses should carefully study the capabilities for a turbine installed in the particular region. The cost of batteries alone may end up being higher than that of using electricity provided by the local power company. There are maintenance and weather issues to consider as well. It appears as though wind energy is most efficient and cost effective when designed as a larger system for distribution to a region or geographical area. A homeowner who wants an alternative energy source might want to consider another option when asking is wind energy cost effective.

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